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Like many of the other wards in St. Mungo's this ward is rectangular with the two long walls occupied by sets of adjustable beds accompanied by a nightstand and an armchair. Unlike the rest of the wards in the hospital there are no curtains here to provide privacy. Instead each bed, nightstand and armchair combo is separated from the rest of the ward by its own set of transparent walls since this ward is dedicated to the treatment of infectious diseases both magical and mundane. Instead of curtains the walls have been enchanted so that with a word from the patient or the doctor they will turn a smoky grey to provide privacy. Large signs at both ends of the room read, "Absolutely no visitation is allowed until a member of the St. Mungo's Healer staff has cast all necessary protection charms including but not limited to a Bubble-Head Charm. Under no circumstances will a guest visit a patient under self-cast charms". Large globes float along the ceiling filling the room with a gentle, relaxing light regardless of the weather outside or the time of day or night.


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