Maternity Ward and Infant Care

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Like a muggle maternity ward, St. Mungo's has rooms for mothers who have recently given birth as well as a large room for the care of newborns with babies in tiny beds positioned in a grid pattern, with a large window for viewing. That's where the comparison ends.

Each bed hovers above the ground, giving it a floating sensation to calm the babies, and each also has an auto-adjusting blanket that covers or uncovers each baby to their needs. Each baby is given a pacifier that, when feeding time comes, automatically turns into a bottle of formula. Ten portraits line the walls to the left and right of the window, and of those two on each side must be present at all times, to alert on-duty mediwizards in case of an emergency. Once a day, the beds are, one at a time and under the supervision of a healer, transfigured into a bathtub so the healers can bathe each baby.


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