Potions/Plant Poisoning

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This rectangular room is a combination green house and hospital room. All along one of the long walls of the room is an area of shelves enclosed in clear glass with enough space inside the enclosure for one person to walk along the shelves without disturbing the multitude of plants set on them. The mini-greenhouse only has one sample of each plant it houses but has everything in it from Alihotsy, Fanged Geranium, and Puffapod to a bonsai version of a Whomping Willow, Venomous Tentacula, and a Dirigible Plum bush. In addition the plants on display change as the shelves prove to be a conveyor belt that disappears into one end of the wall and reappears at the other end of the wall. The plants seem to have a two-fold purpose as patients are asked to identify the plant that they believe caused their problems and once in a while hospital staff will harvest some of the plants as ingredients to be used in cures and antidotes against the effects of the plants and potions affecting the patients in this ward. Opposite the mini-greenhouse are rows of adjustable beds, each with a night table and an armchair sitting next to it. Curtains hang from the ceiling and can be used to provide patients and their guests and doctors with complete privacy when necessary as they are ensorcelled to cut out all sound coming in or out when completely closed. The curtains also cut out the constant, gentle sunlight that fills this room with no apparent source, day or night.


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