Visitor's Tearoom

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St. Mungo's Tearoom has been set up to be as relaxing and soothing a setting as possible. The walls are painted a soft pastel yellow reminiscent of buttercup blooms and the floor has a nice mosaic with butterflies of all colors and sizes gently drifting over a waving sea of grass. White wicker table and chair sets dot the middle area of the room, each and everyone of them decorated with crisp sky blue table cloths and a small vase with one ever-blooming flower cheerfully peeking out of it. Along the walls are white wicker sofas and loveseats supplied with a multitude of floral and sky blue cushions. The only exception to this is the small bar where one can order any kind of tea or coffee under the sun and even some varieties Muggles have never heard of. Regardless of the weather outside the two large picture windows in the room show a pastoral scene that's a perfect match to the mosaic on the floor and always provide the room with warm, soothing sunlight for illumination.


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