Hoxton Apartments

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Location Details
Address: IC Address
Coordinates: G,1 - 9
Owner: Owner
Type: Type of Location
Wealth: Poor ($$)


If it weren't for a few windows knocked out and broken the main areas of this slum apartment building, all would suffocate with the stale stifling stench of poverty. Newspapers that are as old as the building are used to stuff holes in the floor and in the walls. Some are pasted with who knows what on the walls like they were wall paper. Every board in the stairs squeak and groan like that step might be the stair climber's last. The banister if it's there at all is a shaky treachery. Some doorways don't even have doors as some were busted by Bobby raids or in a domestic dispute. All in all living out on the actual street might be more accommodating and 'homey' than this housing project.


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