Jack's Apartment

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Location Details
Address: IC Address
Coordinates: G,1 - 9 - 3
Owner: Owner
Type: Type of Location
Wealth: Poor ($$)


An almost empty residence that has every indication that it is, indeed, inhabited, though the owner simply doesn't have the funds or the finances for decor. The worn wooden floors are covered with threadbare rugs scattered about the small 'common room'. There is a couch that has obviously been picked up from the side of the road, as well as a chair. Some little knicknacks, however, that litter the random tables look to have a little value, even if it is only with the 'kitschy crowd'. The walls have little in the way of decoration, and the plaster is coming off in places, and in others, there's obvious patching done. Just off the sitting room, the bathroom that has certainly seen better days. The pipes have a sheen of water on them that bespeaks of leaks, and the small shower.. is not very clean. There is a shaving mirror that hangs upon the wall, but rather than a sink, there is a high table, a pitcher and a bowl with shaving razor set off to the side of it.

The cooking area is bare-bones. The sink and gas stove are set side by side, and a rather rickety table is nearby for use as a small food preparation area. The ice-box has the look of something that is just about ready to give up but for the repairs here and there, including the tape on the door to keep it closed completely.

The sleeping area is pretty much an echo of the rest of the place. There's a bed there, with sheets even, though the bedframe has certainly seen better days.

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