Flat 3C - Hoxton Apartments

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Address: IC Address
Coordinates: G,1 - 9 - 5
Owner: Owner
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Wealth: Poor ($$)


The hallway outside the flat and the dingy exterior to the brick building might make a person expect very little from the interior; thankfully, however, whoever lives here has some sense of pride in their home. The pokey little flat consists of a small sitting room, kitchen and miniscule bedroom with a wash basin. There is a tiny bathroom squeezed between the two rooms, it is so small that the door cannot be closed if anyone is sat on the toilet.

The dark tired floorboards are scrubbed clean and covered with a colourful rug made of pieces of rag knotted together. A worn set of chairs flank the coal fire. There is a small gate leg table with two mismatched chairs nearby ready to be used for dining. Bright throws cover the cushions on the sofa making it stick out against the other more muted furnishings. Cooking herbs growing out of repurposed jars sit on the windowsills.

Bits of newspaper have been plastered to the walls as a stop gap for the cracks, but the white paint doesn't quite obscure the newsprint in some places. The overall feel is one of genteel poverty as if whoever lives here is trying to make a life for themself despite being unable to afford life's niceties.


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