Macnair Manufacturing

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Coordinates: G,5 - 1
Owner: Owner
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Wealth: Poor ($$)


The front business area of the Macnair Manufacturing factory has no sign of being an industrial giant in London. The lobby and waiting room is something from the olde days of Tudor rule. Dark timbers at even increments along the walls above the dark wood paneling that comes to the tops of the comfortable throne like seats for those waiting along the wall. The space above the paneling and between the nearly black wooden beams are filled with black, red, and sand colored bricks done in a lovely herringbone pattern. Large stained glass windows and many electric lights disguised as torches and candle light on the large chandelier above the receptionist's desk provide a great deal of light making the waiting room rather bright and welcoming. A pair of double doors, carved with medieval Scottish men and women crafting things of all sorts, leads to the Employees Only Factory section of the building. The receptionist is before another set of double doors that lead back into the office area.


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