2 Ann Place - Lant Street

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Address: IC Address
Coordinates: G,5 - 7
Owner: Owner
Type: Type of Location
Wealth: Poor ($$)


With a typical frontage of red brick, this mid-terraced Victorian house is your expected two up and two down with a cellar. Narrow hallways, steep steps on the stairwells and high ceilinged rooms add to the ordinary feel of this house. So too does the small kitchen and bathroom at the back on the ground floor. What makes this a wizarding, rather than a muggle house are the magical appliances (wand required), lack of electricity and the fact the people keep disappearing from the framed photographs that hang on the walls or sit on surfaces. The house is brightly decorated, garishly so, with throws and cushions in the main areas of the house. The small bedroom in the cellar is let out to a lodger.


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