Riggs Row House

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Coordinates: H,1 - 1
Owner: Owner
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Wealth: Poor ($$)


Any cosiness here is due far more to the design of the narrow two-level townhouse than to anything its current tenant has done. There is a distinct feeling that someone only barely lives here. The floors are bare, if clean, with only a few worn rugs left here and there like afterthoughts. The walls are mostly blank, though there are a few posters, mainly of Liverpool's premiere teams both old and new. There are also a couple aging movie playbills, and a placard that originally advertised a jazz band playing in London a couple years back. By its torn corners, it may have been liberated without prior permission. The tiny entryway hosts a small pile of boots and shoes, and an oilskin hooded cloak hangs near the door. The tiny kitchen and small dining room are separated more by furniture than by walls, and only the living room, which runs the length of half the house, seems to get any real use. The single bedroom is tucked upstairs behind a cramped staircase and landing, facing the street, while a compact bathroom is located above the kitchen.


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