Winters' Residence

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Location Details
Address: IC Address
Coordinates: H,1 - 3
Owner: Owner
Type: Type of Location
Wealth: Poor ($$)


This small residence is one made up of a living area and a sleeping area, along with a small attic. Next to the old wooden front door are a simple coat rack and a shelf for mail and keys, with a few pairs of worn shoes for both men and women. The home opens up directly into a small common room area where only a low and worn counter separates the kitchen from the dinning space that will fit a table and chair set for a family of four at maximum, with a small bookshelf set in the corner, stocked with a few books of various descriptions. Within the kitchen there are several beat up appliances such as a gas stove, sink and a refrigerator, with several cooking books and other utensils neatly kept about, on countertops with draws that contain cuttlery, plates and cleaning appliances. The floors are all hardwood, waxed and polished in an attempt to hide all of the wear and tear the floor has suffered. A closet sized bathroom with a door out to the common room and another into the bedroom has a toilet that rattles and groans like a monster when flushed. The shower is only so big as to allow a large man to squeeze inside with the leaky shower head leveled only five feet high. The walls in the bathroom are stained with water damage from said leaky shower. There is no sink inside the bathroom.

The main bedroom in the house is tidy, with a simple double bed with grey sheets in the center, with a closet and a small pair of surprisingly comfortable looking armchairs set before a dark coffee table. Finally, the attic is small in size, and has been turned into a small bedroom, with a single bed pushed up against the wall below a small window, with a bedside table that has a few books neatly stacked up on top of it, along with a single candle. There is a bookshelf in the corner stocked with quite a large amount of books of both the magical and non-magical variety, it is pushed up against the rooms dark wooden closet. Most of the rooms in the house are as clean as they can be, free of dust and consistently well-kept, showing that despite everything, the owners take pride in their home.


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