Longbottom Residence

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Coordinates: H,3 - 3
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Wealth: Comfortable ($$$)


A two-story house made of reddish bricks stands here, each floor with four windows in sets of two with a large space between each set, each facing the street. The building looks relatively new and the way that the edges of the building seem to perfectly line up with the two differently sized buildings on its sides makes it look like it had been built to fill out an alley that had stood there prior, making it perhaps one of the newer additions to the block. Matching floral curtains are on proud display in each of the windows and although all of the windows have exterior window sills only the windows on the top floor have anything outside of them. Yellow daffodils absolutely line one set of windows on the upper floor in a manner that it'd be uncertain if any more could even fit. The other set of windows, although it'd be hard to tell from street level, seem to lead into a child's room- a few posters featuring various gadgets line the back wall away from the window.

At the front of the building there is a tiny little grey stone set of stairs leading up to the house's front door, with a small flowerbed lined with a black iron railing on either side of it. The door is a particularly thick oaken one and has a tiny little window in it that seems to serve as a peekhole. Most of the time it would however be impossible to peek into it from the outside, as there's a pair of dainty little floral curtains covering it up from the inside.

The inside of the house is anything but barren- most walls covered either with crates or shelves containing just lots and lots of… stuff. It seems that the owners, or whoever lives here, have a particular fondness for items in general or perhaps have a good specific use for them. There are however quite wide clear paths through the house which make it easy to get around- Just inside of the house near the door is a steep staircase leading up to the second floor. There, a little hub of doors that each leads into one of four rooms- two of them being bedrooms, one a little workshop with various tools and the last room an indoor garden. The bottom floor has a kitchen connected to a dining room and a larger living room with windows facing outwards onto the street. Toward the back of the kitchen is a little door which seems to lead down into a tiny little cellar- probably used to store food. Overall perhaps not the fanciest house in the world, but it looked like it served its occupants well.


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