Crane Residence

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Coordinates: H,3 - 7
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Wealth: Comfortable ($$$)


A two story house made of grey bricks. The large house has a decent sized front yard with a high iron fence around it with a matching gate. From the gate a cobblestone walkway leads up across the well maintained grass to a small porch. The roof of the house extends out a ways to offer shade to the porch. Simple yet sturdy collums of grey stone hold the roof up on the outer edge of the porch. Flowers and rose bushes are planted along the edge of the porch and an outdoor table with seating for six is placed near the center of the porch.

A door of dark wood with glass set into its center leads inside the house. The first room is made for holding scarves, coat, shoes, and other things needed for rain or cold weather. A door directly across from the front door leads into a decent sized sitting room. From there the house branches off in three directions. The rooms to the left of the sitting room are the kitchen, and dinning rooms and a small sunroom with glass widows all around it. To the right of the sitting room is a library and study. The stairs in the sitting room lead up to six different bedrooms with thier own washrooms and closets.

The house is quite clean and well decorated. Pictures of different family members cover the walls and the kitchen almost always has the smell of fresh baked bread or coffee coming from within it.


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