Hogwarts Express
Location Details
Address: Between London and Hogsmeade
Coordinates: London: E,1 NW - 934 - HE
Hogsmeade: L,6 - HE
Owner: Ministry of Magic
Type: Transportation - Railway


The Hogwarts Express is a 4-6-0 Hall Class steam locomotive model number GWR 5900.
This passenger train has a sort of timeless air about it, for though it displays the very latest in locomotive technology, its styling remains generally old-world in nature. The floors have well-kept tapestry carpet runners, the walls paneled in rich hardwood. Each compartment features plush seating for up to six, wood and glass doors for some sense of privacy, and of course windows to wave good-bye at the station or watch the countryside roll by.

This is car 2 which is linked directly to the Prefect's car which is car 1. The proximity makes the goings on in this car susceptible to prefect overview. There is nearly always a prefect on hand to patrol and supervise.

Prefects Car

This car is off grid as car 2 is the focal area.

The Prefect car is styled more like an open dining car, with booth like seats with tables between them. Their is also an open seating area where large comfortable single person seats are organized in semi-circles. A small counter area is also set up in the middle of the car with a more stationary Harkiss Express selection of treats and beverages are available.

The Harkiss Express

A transporter of treats! The Harkiss Express is what the trolley is called that a sweet plump woman pushes from one end of the train to the other and back again. Making sure that the children have plenty of treats to occupy their bellies for the ride.



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Trolley Lady
Harkiss Express Vendor


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