Horizont Alley
Location Details
Address: Unplottable, Mysticked District, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: J - K, 1
Owner: Mysticked District Properties
Type: Grid
Wealth: Comfortable ($$) - Well-To-Do ($$$)
Grid I J K
1 North Vertick Alley West Horizont Alley East Horizont Alley
2 South Vertick Alley Merlin Square Northeast Diagon Alley
3 League Alley Central Diagon Alley Abnorm Alley
4 Southwest Diagon Alley Knockturn Alley Cryptick Alley

'J' Column

J,1 - West Horizont Alley

West Horizont Alley is a reasonably straight street, having only a couple of rather angular bends about it. The street is cozily narrow, lined with modest two- and three-storey flats and homes. These buildings are designed to have a harmonious similarity, the bricks flowing from yellow-ochre to red-tawney along the way, all with high-peaked roofs of charcoal-colored slate tiles. Though no gardens can be seen from the street, the dwellings themselves are draped in trailing ivy, and many windows are adorned with flower-boxes. At one of the bends there is a bit of a widening, and here there is a small circle planted with flowers and set about with benches, one tree and a few perches set for travelling owls to rest upon.

Properties in this neighborhood:

West Horizont Alley is a Wealth: Comfortable Neighborhood.

'K' Column

K,1 - East Horizont Alley

East Horizont Alley is a broad, spacious street, though a line of hedges along the edge of the lane and a row of trees down the centre brings a measure of privacy. The street-lamps are made of burnished bronze inlaid with jet, and the paving-stones are grey-silver and grey-white with veins of quarts sparkling from them. At the western end of the street the homes are closer together and more lofty, with intricate brickwork and crenelated ornamentation and arching glass windows that evoke the feel of posh modern London society. Further along, however, the homes transition into Victorian and older styles, no two alike. These are spread further apart, surrounded by scroll-work wrought iron fencing, and often feature small but lovely gardens. At the far end of the lane is a fountain in the shape of a dragon with its wings outstretched.

Properties in this neighborhood:

East Horizont Alley is a Wealth: Well-To-Do Neighborhood.

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