Flights of Fancy Broomshop
Location Details
Address: I14 North Vertick Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: I,1 - 4 (W)
Owner: Laurence Toulson
Type: Business - Custom Brooms
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


Stepping into a dream, the atmosphere in the room show room has polished white pine floors and soft creamy white carpets embroidered with exotic designs of gold, silver and black thread. when visitors look up, the ceiling has been bewitched to resemble the sky just above the clouds and there's a faint breeze in the room, cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, adding to the fantasy of being up there amongst the clouds. Seats are provided around tables, each table about the length of a broomstick and the seats cushioned like lounge chairs with soft white upholstry and they match the two couches in the waiting area near the entrance of the shop. Daily periodicals and Quidditch magazines can be found and are easily accessible along with some thicker books about the history of Quidditch and other broom related topics. Exotic and fragrant teas are offered to customers as they browse or sit in consultations.

The backdrop for the front desk are all images of modern day Quidditch players who have agreed to try, use, and model certain broom models that were made for them or their teams. There are also large sketches and drawings of brooms and the like framed and placed within strategic view, displaying the artist's talent and appreciation for the crafts that are for sale. The front desk is made from the same polished white pine that the floor is, a sturdy flat surface long enough to rest several brooms upon and wide enough to service and examine things as needed.

The broom displays are the stars of the room however, sorted by function and price…there are racing brooms, brooms made for families, even brooms made for young children to name a few. Pre-Made brooms can be found on display in various points in the room but the majority of brooms that are on display are samples of the base designs that customized brooms can and will be made from based on customer need or demand. Moving pictures and posters are framed and placed strategically on the walls between, beside or above displays showing images of Quidditch players in history and other notable flyers. There are desk displays with little Quidditch accessories and Momentos, the occasional pairs of gloves or goggles for sale along with some sort of baked good…cake or pie, sometimes even tarts and the like under a glass cover for customer access.


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Occupants & Employees

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Laurence Toulson
Owner & Broom-maker

Flights of Fancy Loft

Soft smell of cider and incense with vanilla overtones, this is a home that welcomes visitors yet provides an environment for quiet contemplation for those who seek it. There are many little artifacts and relics from around the world found on various flat surfaces or hanging on the wall. Ornamental tapestries and silk rugs, pillows embroidered with oriental designs and soft throw blankets woven different countries tossed over or draped on the chairs in the sitting room. The kitchen is small, the barest cooking necessities in there along with cabinets filled with exotic spices and teas while there never seems to be a lack of fresh fruit in bowls in the kitchen of dining area. Whoever lives here seems to love the color white and grey, nothing dark and foreboding about the decor…just almost dreamlike and worldly. There are always a few choice quality brooms to be found near the front door. It is cosy and comfortable and a home to those who live here with a sitting/dining area, small kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 1 private and 1 public bathroom. One noticeable thing about this home is that from bookshelves to coffee tables, sofas and desks…all handmade furniture crafted from white cedar or dark mahogany.

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