Perfect Potions

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Location Details
Address: I19 North Vertick Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: I,1 - 9 (SE)
Owner: Melania Black
Type: Business - Apothecary
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


This Apothecary is a clean and brightly lit shop that has little in common with its fellow apothecary shops. The walls of the shop are a bright white, the floor a checkerboard of black and white marble. Polished black tables run through the center of the room, matching perfectly the tall black chests of drawers along the walls. Each of the drawers is clearly labeled in white with the name of a dry potion ingredient and its price, while liquid ingredients are kept in bottles on the tables, arranged in neat rows with similar labels tied to their necks.

A long black counter, also full of smaller drawers, runs along the far wall. There are two books on the counter, one of other potion ingredients that can be made available upon request, and another of the pre-made potions that one can buy. These potions are set in shelves in the wall behind the counter, and are arranged by the color of their bottles. Unlike those on the tables, they are not labeled.

One of the most unusual things about the apothecary is the smell. This shop, unlike its fellows, smells faintly of apple blossoms. This is likely due to the enchanted sprigs set in vases at each corner of the room, or the large bouquet of branches spilling out of a black vase on the counter.


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Melania Black
Owner & Potioneer

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