Parkinson Potions

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Location Details
Address: I21 South Vertick Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, United Kingdom
Coordinates: I,2 - 1 (SW)
Owner: Parkinson Family
Type: Business - Potion Factory
Wealth: Comfortable ($$) - Opulent ($$$$$)

Shop & Factory

Unlike most shop fronts and more pointedly other potion shops, Parkinson Potions is a very tiny business front. The front of the shop is more like a large display case for the potion products that are mass produced in the factory behind the door marked, 'Employees Only'. A small counter and till is flanked by a large tome of accounts and balances and order forms. A stool that looks like a large potion bottle with the seat being the cushioned cork is the only seat found behind the counter. Lights are angled to make the labels clear and the bottles glisten on the display shelves.

The factory is a well oiled machine that's anything but a machine. It's a work of wondrous magical potioneering. Perfectly in order are rows and rows off tables with burners and massive cauldrons of all kings. In the very back of the factory there are three cauldrons that are so large scaffolding and stairs are wrapped around them. Top of the line wards and other security measures are taken so the safety of the workers and the building itself won't go apocalyptic is one of the highly trained potioneers that work for the Parkinson's botch a potion. There is another set of doors in the factory that open up to reveal a nice front yard of a nice fairy tale style tudor home, the private residence of the business owners.


Parkinson Potions sell in bulk, which means that places such as St. Mungo's Hospital and other shops that stock a lot of potions without their own Potioneers buy from Parkinson Potions.



The Parkinson Residence may not have the most glorious view, with the back side of the Potion Factory across their front yard from their house, but trees and hedges are utilized to disguise this fact and truly the home appears like any other walled home. The building is in the Tudor style with white wattle and daub between beams of dark wood. The top storey displaying the whimsical wood work more than the first. A private workshop on the south side of the home houses a place for potion brewing.

Within the house it is nice decor. Several French pieces have been added in the recent generation to the old Parkinson heirlooms from before the Normans invaded. A good side foyer with a grand stairwell up to the bedrooms and Dean Parkinson Junior's office on the second level is flanked by a large living room on the north side of the house and a formal dining room to the south side. A music room combined parlor is attached to the living room while a large kitchen is attached to the dining room. The kitchen is straight from the Tudor era and bundles and bundles of herbs and potion ingredients hang from the beams and rafters above.

Soleil's Room

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Lorcan's Room

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Occupants & Employees

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Dean Parkinson Jr.
Owner & Potioneer

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Danielle Parkinson nee Bonnesante

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Soleil Parkinson
Shop Girl & Potioneer

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Dean Parkinson III aka D-Trois (Dee-Twah)

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Lorcan Parkinson

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Cosette Parkinson

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