Prewett and Fawley World Imports
Location Details
Address: I29 South Vertick Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London,
Coordinates: I,2 - 9 (NE)
Owner: Michais Fawley
Type: Business - Imports
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


Prewett and Fawley World Import shop is quite bright from the light streaming in the large front windows. Only the deeper reaches need the light of the floating candles to illuminate the merchandise. There isn't much of an 'order' here, although the pathways that wind among the different items of furniture and statuary, as well as the shelves filled with smaller curios, are amply wide enough for one to walk without worry of accidentally brushing against something and knocking it over. Everything is maintained by the ordered chaos of the scatterbrained curtailed by the meticulous.

The merchandise and the entire premises itself is sparkling clean, with very little dust to be found anywhere. A rotating display of paintings are hung on the walls, and brightly polished furniture sits between vases big enough to grow trees and statues of women draped in very little.


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Michais Fawley
Owner & Manager

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