Quality Quidditch Supplies
Location Details
Address: I43 Diagon Alley, Mysticked District, London
Coordinates: I,4 - 3 (SE)
Owner: NPC
Type: Commercial - Sports Supply
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


This shop did not look this tall from the outside. The ceiling is high enough to be almost out of sight and the reason for it quickly become apparent as a customer zooms up towards it to test fly a late model broom. Closer to hand some of the floor space and the walls are filled with shelves containing bludgers, quaffles, broomsticks, broom maintenance kits, gloves and any other Quidditch supply one might ever need. Towards the back of the shop there are multiple racks filled with Quidditch robes of all sizes and colors as well as dressing rooms. The middle of the shop however has been left clear and is clearly marked as a danger zone as it is meant to give people trying out broomsticks space to maneuver, take off, and land.


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Garvus Flint
Owner and Former Quidditch Star


Item Muggle £ Wizarding Galleon_Symbol.gif (Galleon), Sickle_Symbol.gif (Sickle) or Knut_Symbol.gif (Knut) Stats
Oakshaft 79 £6.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif1, Sickle_Symbol.gif3 and Knut_Symbol.gif11 Speed: 45 Climb: 20 Toughness: 10
Moontrimmer £5.20 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 and Knut_Symbol.gif19 Speed: 48 Climb: 25 Toughness: 6
Bluebottle £5.20 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 and Knut_Symbol.gif19 Speed: 40 Climb: 25ft. Toughness: 5
Fambus Station Wagon £6.90 Galleon_Symbol.gif1, Sickle_Symbol.gif6 and Knut_Symbol.gif13 Speed: 30 Climb: 20ft. Toughness: 5
Silver Arrow (Hogwarts) £13.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif2, Sickle_Symbol.gif10 and Knut_Symbol.gif5 Speed: 50 Climb: 30ft. Toughness: 3
Silver Arrow (New) £13.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif2, Sickle_Symbol.gif10 and Knut_Symbol.gif5 Speed: 50 Climb: 30ft. Toughness: 6
Cleansweep One £22.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif4, Sickle_Symbol.gif6 and Knut_Symbol.gif23 Speed: 50 Climb: 30ft. Toughness: 6
Cleansweep Two £26.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif5, Sickle_Symbol.gif3 and Knut_Symbol.gif11 Speed: 55 Climb: 30ft. Toughness: 7
Cleansweep Three £34.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif6, Sickle_Symbol.gif13 and Knut_Symbol.gif17 Speed: 60 Climb: 35ft. Toughness: 8
Comet 140 £17.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif3, Sickle_Symbol.gif6 and Knut_Symbol.gif23 Speed: 50 Climb: 30ft. Toughness: 6
Comet 180 £30.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif6 Speed: 55 Climb: 35ft. Toughness: 8
Broom Name Broom Description
The Oakshaft 79 Is an endurance broom that makes a poor Quidditch broom as it's not fast or maneuverable. This is the favored broom of Jocunda Sykes and was the broom used for her across the Atlantic solo flight. The broom was first released in 1879.
The Moontrimmer Is a broom released in 1901.
The Bluebottle Broom is a safe and reliable broom that can transport a family of 3.
The Fambus Station Wagon Broom Is a comfortable long distance travel broom for a family of six.
The Silver Arrow Is the prefered broom of Madam Hooch and thusly it is the standard broom of Hogwarts. It is a very good broom for Quidditch.
The Cleansweep One Is a Racing & Quidditch Broom released in 1926.
The Cleansweep Two Is a Racing & Quidditch Improved Racing Broom released in 1934.
The Cleansweep Three Is an improved Racing & Quidditch Broom released in 1937. It is one of the most sought after - wished for brooms of the time.
The Comet 140 Is a Quidditch Broom released in 1929.
The Comet 180 Is an improved Quidditch Broom released in 1938. The 180 was an attempt at matching the Cleansweep Three. While it is an improvement in the Comet line of Brooms, it didn't meet the speed and racing classification like the Cleansweep. It is none the less one of the best Quidditch brooms on the market!


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