Potage's Cauldron Shop
Location Details
Address: I44 Diagon Alley, Mysticked District, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: I,4 - 4
Owner: Stirling Potage (NPC)
Type: Business - Cauldron Specialty Shop
Wealth: Poor - Opulent


Light comes in through the shop's display windows causing the stacks upon stacks of cauldrons that make up the aisle of Potage's Cauldron Shop to cast long shadows towards the back of the shop. Instead of waiting at a counter the staff at Potage's walks around the lanes of stacked cauldron with wands in hand, making sure nothing collapses and levitation smaller stacks of cauldron to and fro to free the ones requested by customers. The floor is marked with multiple lines left behind by sliding cauldron legs and from time to time a customer could be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a rare self-propelled cauldron clanking about on its little stubby legs.


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Stirling Potage
Owner and Manager


This business opens Monday - Friday at 8AM and closes at 8PM. On Saturday and Sunday they are open from 2PM - 5PM.

The Cauldrons listed below are plain cauldrons of average quality.
Decorative accents raise the price on all cauldrons by Sickle_Symbol.gif5 (sickles).
Poor Quality Cauldrons cost half of the listed price. Poor Quality lends a -2 to all potions rolls using these cauldrons.
Good Quality Cauldrons cost 2x the base price. Good Quality Cauldrons give a +1 bonus modifier to all potions rolls using these cauldrons.
Great Quality Cauldrons cost 3x the base price. Great Quality Cauldrons give a +2 bonus modifier to all potions rolls using these cauldrons.
Amazing Quality Cauldrons cost 4x the base price. Amazing Quality Cauldrons give a +4 bonus modifier to all potions rolls using these cauldrons.
All modifiers are suggestive at this point and aren't required in system use.

Cauldron Size Chart:
Size 1 - The size of a large bowl. Dimensions: 4" inches high x 4" inches wide, and holds about 8 oz, weighs about 1 pound.
Size 2 - The size of a sauce pot. Dimensions: 5" high x 5" wide, 18 oz. capacity, weighs 3 lbs.
Size 3 - The size of a stew pot. Dimensions: 10" high x 10" wide, 5 quart capacity, weighs 20 lbs.
Size 4 - The size of a small beach ball. Dimensions: 15" high x 15" wide, 2 galleon capacity, weighs 30 lbs.
Size 5 - The size of a deep, large sink. Dimensions: 20" high x 20" wide, 5 galleon capacity, weighs 40 lbs.


Item Muggle £ Wizarding Galleon_Symbol.gif (Galleon), Sickle_Symbol.gif (Sickle) or Knut_Symbol.gif (Knut)
Brass Cauldron, Size 1 £0.90 Sickle_Symbol.gif5 and Knut_Symbol.gif2
Copper Cauldron, Size 1 £1.10 Sickle_Symbol.gif6 and Knut_Symbol.gif6
Gold Cauldron, Size 1 £2.50 Sickle_Symbol.gif14 and Knut_Symbol.gif3
Iron Cauldron, Size 1 £1.50 Sickle_Symbol.gif8 and Knut_Symbol.gif13
Pewter Cauldron, Size 1 £0.65 Sickle_Symbol.gif3 and Knut_Symbol.gif19
Silver Cauldron, Size 1 £2.00 Sickle_Symbol.gif11 and Knut_Symbol.gif8
Brass Cauldron, Size 2 £1.80 Sickle_Symbol.gif6 and Knut_Symbol.gif3
Copper Cauldron, Size 2 £2.20 Sickle_Symbol.gif15 and Knut_Symbol.gif13
Gold Cauldron, Size 2 £5.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif11 and Knut_Symbol.gif6
Iron Cauldron, Size 2 £3.00 Sickle_Symbol.gif16 and Knut_Symbol.gif17
Pewter Cauldron, Size 2 £1.30 Sickle_Symbol.gif4 and Knut_Symbol.gif12
Silver Cauldron, Size 2 £4.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif5 and Knut_Symbol.gif16
Brass Cauldron, Size 3 £2.25 Sickle_Symbol.gif12 and Knut_Symbol.gif20
Copper Cauldron, Size 3 £2.75 Sickle_Symbol.gif15 and Knut_Symbol.gif15
Gold Cauldron, Size 3 £6.25 Galleon_Symbol.gif2 Sickle_Symbol.gif1 and Knut_Symbol.gif7
Iron Cauldron, Size 3 £3.75 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif4 and Knut_Symbol.gif4
Pewter Cauldron, Size 3 £1.62 Sickle_Symbol.gif9 and Knut_Symbol.gif4
Silver Cauldron, Size 3 £5.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif11 and Knut_Symbol.gif6
Brass Cauldron, Size 4 £3.15 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 and Knut_Symbol.gif22
Copper Cauldron, Size 4 £3.85 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif4 and Knut_Symbol.gif21
Gold Cauldron, Size 4 £8.75 Galleon_Symbol.gif2 Sickle_Symbol.gif15 and Knut_Symbol.gif10
Iron Cauldron, Size 4 £5.25 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif12 and Knut_Symbol.gif18
Pewter Cauldron, Size 4 £2.27 Sickle_Symbol.gif12 and Knut_Symbol.gif23
Silver Cauldron, Size 4 £7.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif2 Sickle_Symbol.gif5 and Knut_Symbol.gif14
Brass Cauldron, Size 5 £4.50 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif8 and Knut_Symbol.gif11
Copper Cauldron, Size 5 £5.50 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif14 and Knut_Symbol.gif1
Gold Cauldron, Size 5 £12.50 Galleon_Symbol.gif4 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif15
Iron Cauldron, Size 5 £7.50 Galleon_Symbol.gif2 Sickle_Symbol.gif8 and Knut_Symbol.gif9
Pewter Cauldron, Size 5 £3.24 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif1 and Knut_Symbol.gif8
Silver Cauldron, Size 5 £10.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif3 Sickle_Symbol.gif5 and Knut_Symbol.gif12
Self-Stirring Cauldron, Size 2 £4.00 Galleon_Symbol.gif1 Sickle_Symbol.gif5 and Knut_Symbol.gif16
Collapsible Cauldron, Size 2 £2.20 Sickle_Symbol.gif15 and Knut_Symbol.gif13
Tripod £0.90 Sickle_Symbol.gif5 and Knut_Symbol.gif2

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