The Magical Menagerie
Location Details
Address: I46 Diagon Alley, Mysticked District, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: I,4 - 6 (E)
Owner: Didimus Gibbon (NPC)
Type: Business - Magical Pet Shop & Supply
Wealth: Poor - Opulent


The Magical Menagerie is of the larger shops in Diagon Alley but it still manages to be very cramped and noisy with every inch of wall and most of the floor space covered by cages of varying sizes. While everything is rather everywhere, everything does have its own space. Species are separated into sections of the shop, many even have their own room. It sells all kinds of animals - poisonous orange snails, a giant jewel-encrusted tortoise, sleek rats of all colors that are very intelligent. The store also sells a vast array of owls, ravens, puffskiens, and cats of every colour. A cage set in a place of honor at the middle of the store a big, fluffy white rabbit will transform into a black silk top hat for people it likes then transform back and look at them expectantly as if waiting for a treat. If a creature - mundane or magical isn't in stock, the staff will arrange to get the creature in question in withing five working days, maximum. Each area also has on display a bounty of supplies to care for that certain species and breed.

The shop front is mostly designated to show the smaller creatures such as mice, rats, puffskiens, snails, rabbits, ferrets and that such.

The Feline Room is hundreds of cubbies in the walls many with a caged fronts on them, many just open holes so their occupants can wander about the room built for them. Every surface is covered in carpet or rope so that the cats may sharpen their claws and climb freely. Shelves with feathery toys dangling from them, hammocks, literal cat-walks all make the room a Cat Heaven. Cats of every breed imaginable slink about the room, doing their own thing.

The Canine Room is stacked up dog houses set into the walls. Ramps going up to the doggy doors of the houses that are off the floor. The floor is littered with chew toys and in the corners of the room are enchanted troughs of dog kibble and fresh water, ever full. The roof is enchanted to be a sunny day with some fluffy white clouds and the carpet is a shag that looks like grass. It is actually grass and there's magical dirt that fills in the holes and replenishes the grass when the dogs have been digging.

In the back of the shop there are several stairwells that all lead down to the basement. "Step Lightly" is hung around at eye-level. This is because the walls of the stairwells are not the only area for the reptile terrariums. The wooden steps themselves are lids with terrariums displayed between each step. Down in the basement it is a maze of passageways of beach pebbles. Winding corridors between floor to ceiling aquarium tanks.

High above the basement on the second floor, the top storey of the building is the aviary. Hutches, beams, perches and cages fill the room with vaulted ceilings. A spiral stairwell leads up to the ceiling beams where narrow walkways allow customers to closer examine the owls, ravens, falcons, hawks, falcons eagles, auguries, and the larger of birds for sale. Its below in the main area of the second floor where the smaller birds are safely kept from being eaten by the larger birds in spacious or single cages.


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Didimus Gibbon
Shop Owner

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Dauphne Goshawk
Shop Girl


Item Muggle £ Wizarding Galleon_Symbol.gif (Galleon), Sickle_Symbol.gif (Sickle) or Knut_Symbol.gif (Knut)
Cat, Black £0.78 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif18
Cat, Ginger £0.78 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif18
Cat, Siamese £0.95 Sickle_Symbol.gif3 and Knut_Symbol.gif6
Cat, Tabby £0.78 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif18
Cat, White £0.78 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif18
Owl, Barn £0.86 Sickle_Symbol.gif 2 and Knut_Symbol.gif26
Owl, Brown £0.86 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif26
Owl, Screech £1.30 Sickle_Symbol.gif4 and Knut_Symbol.gif12
Owl, Tawny £0.86 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif26
Toad, Common £0.43 Sickle_Symbol.gif1 and Knut_Symbol.gif13
Toad, Crested £0.78 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif18
Toad, Harlequinn £0.78 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif18
Toad, Natterjack £0.43 Sickle_Symbol.gif1 and Knut_Symbol.gif13
Toad, Western Green £0.78 Sickle_Symbol.gif2 and Knut_Symbol.gif18

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