Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment
Location Details
Address: I47 Diagon Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: I,4 - 7
Owner: Wiseacre Wood (NPC)
Type: Business - Wizarding Equipment
Wealth: Poor - Opulent



This shop is a little less magical than most places in Diagon Alley. The displays are full of the more mundane objects needed for spell work, divination, potion making, and day-to-day life in the world of witches and wizards. Telescopes can be found in any size from collapsible pocket versions to monsters that will require some heavy duty wand work to get from the shop to the new owner's home. Hour glasses lines various shelves, with magnifying glasses nearby, and athames fill a case all their own near the clerk's counter. The store's clerk stands ready to answer any questions and help customers find anything they need that they might not be spotting easily in the maze of display cases and shelves.


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Wiseacre Wood
Owner & Manager


Item Muggle Price Wizarding Price
Brass Scales £9.02 Galleon_Symbol.gif3
Brass Telescope £15.03 Galleon_Symbol.gif5
Crystal Phials £21.04 Galleon_Symbol.gif7 and Knut_Symbol.gif28
Moon Chart £15.03 Galleon_Symbol.gif5
Silver Scales £21.04 Galleon_Symbol.gif7 and Knut_Symbol.gif28
Glass Phials £15.03 Galleon_Symbol.gif5
Star Chart £18.04 Galleon_Symbol.gif6
Globe of the Moon £39.08 Galleon_Symbol.gif13

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