Lufkin Lofts
Location Details
Address: J18 West Horizont Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: J,1 - 8 (N)
Owner: (NPC)
Type: Mass Residential
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)



Artemisia Lufkin, the first female Minister of Magic, established both the Department of International Magic Cooperation and Lufkin Lofts. Originally designed to house foreign dignitaries and ambassadors visiting under the auspices of the DIMC the Lofts are now rented out to long term residents, thought the top floor suits are still reserved for foreign guests of the Ministry. A bust of Minister Lufkin adorns the Lofts' lobby centered on the glossy hardwood floor which is bordered by a multi-colored parquet border.

A large, 16-armed, gilded chandelier hangs directly over Artemisia's bust, casting bright, fractured light over beige colored walls that are highlighted by the frames around the multiple windows, painted bright white. Potted palm trees add a splash of green and bring a touch of nature to the lobby, two of them framing the security desk at the far end of the lobby, which sits in front of the landing to the grand stairs.


An empty apartment. The West Horizont Alley neighborhood is a rather nice and comfortable area and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner. Bare floors and walls are freshly scrubbed and painted. Several packing boxes are stacked here and there. The stringent scent of cleaning products and fresh paint is strong and ever lingering. This small residence is one maybe two rooms; a living area and a sleeping area. Next to the front door are a simple coat rack and a shelf for mail and keys. The home opens up directly into a small common room area where only a counter separates the kitchen from the dinning space that will fit a table and chair set for a family of four maximum. Within the kitchen there is several wizard brand appliances such as a stove that provides magical flames that will cook food, but won't ignite anything else, a sink, and an enchanted Ice Box.

The floors are all hardwood, waxed and polished in an attempt to hide all of the wear and tear the floor has suffered. Every apartment in Lufkin Lofts is slightly different in its lay out. A closet sized bathroom with a door out to the common room and another door into the bedroom. The shower is roomy to allow a large man. There is no sink inside the bathroom. The floorplans in the Lufkin Lofts range from having a studio lay out, with no actual bedroom, just a niche for the bed in the living area. If it's not a studio lay out there is one to maybe at maximum two bedrooms with a smaller room for a study or office.



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