#6 - Roe's Loft
Location Details
Address: J18 #6 West Horizont Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: J, 1 -8 -6
Owner: Rowena Scamander
Type: Residential
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


This quaint little lodging is a veritable exercise in eccentricity! Housed in the very rafters and eaves of the stately building, a charming conglomeration of rickety paned-glass windows and ancient wooden beams at all angles create a space of many nooks, crannies and inevitable head-bumps for the unwary, the lower area enjoys the comfort of a little stone fireplace and waxed wood floors, with a portion tiled prettily in the kitchen. There's more often than not a homely scent of baking in the air, or a half-finished piece of knitting draped across the arm of a chair. The furnishings are old enough to be well-worn yet deliciously comfortable and the remainder of the 'decor' appears to be largely either the books occupying every available surface or quirky handmade items. A tremendous amount of light permeates the loft in daylight hours through the numerous windows, which also supply reading corners and a charming view of the Mysticked District far below, and beyond. Of an evening, a simple spiral staircase winds upward to a little mezzanine above, which plays host to - well, aside from yet more books - an enormous sleigh bed, well-populated with cushions and pillows and shams and throws.. some of which aren't exactly 'fine'. There are some genuinely dreadful handmade efforts. Another pleasant addition to the residence, if one dares, is a nook out on the rooftop, accessible through a window. There's just enough room for the little wrought iron table and two matching chairs, with ivy-strewn trellis reducing the lights of the city to a pleasant, inviting twinkle, twinkle and simple lanterns to lend further illumination, as needed.


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Rowena Scamander
Magizoologist, R.C.M.C


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