Bordel Fantastique
Location Details
Address: Number 3, Whimzick Alley, Mysticked District, London
Coordinates: J,2 - 9
Owner: Corina Silver
Type: Commerical - Brothel
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


A classy brothel, catering to those seeking luxury attention. It is as much a social club as it is a center of the sex trade. Though Bordel Fantastique is upscale in appearance, it caters to all classes (though some courtesans are realistically only available to wealthier clientele). The employees here are courtesans, and those that insist upon calling them "whores" after being corrected will be asked to leave.

The brothel itself is a stylish affair. Hardwood floors are decorated with ornate rugs, mostly marking off sitting areas with lavish, plush couches and chairs. The walls are adorned with woven tapestries depicting scenes of luxury. The east room of the downstairs contains a billiards table. The west room has a bar and a few tables where guests can enjoy a drink or some appetizers.

A twisting stairway in the center of the building leads to the second and third floors, which are devoted entirely to private bedrooms where the courtesans entertain guests.

A Typical Bedroom

This bedroom is relatively small, but cozy in the warm glow of the magical lanterns on the walls. By the door, hooks are set into the wall for coats, robes, or other garments. A standing wardrobe in one corner serves as a closet, and a locked chest secures more personal belongings. The hardwood floor is softened by a circular rug, upon which sits a four-poster bed flanked by nightstands. Semi-transparent curtains ring the bed, made opaque when layered over one another. The bed itself is laden with numerous pillows and blankets of varying thickness. The single window looks out upon the Mysticked District, but enchantments upon the glass mean that outside observers will only ever seen silhouettes, even with the curtains open.

Madam's Boudoir

Compared to the other rooms in the house, the Madam's boudoir is palatial. The ovular room is done almost entirely in whites, from the paint on the floor and walls to the fur rugs, all accented with silver wherever there is an opportunity for it. A wide fireplace hugs the wall between the two doorways into the room. Above it, an enormous silver mirror is angled downward toward the bed.

A second tier of the room sits three steps higher than the entrance. One side of this tier contains a large vanity, privacy screen, and the entrance to an enormous walk-in closet. On the other side is a personal bathroom, toilet, and a small table for tea. In the center of the upper tier is a sprawling bed covered in cloud-like blankets and pillows; draped on all sides with white gossamer fabric hanging from the ceiling. Behind the bed, the wall consists mostly of a huge bay window looking out upon the Mysticked District.


There are a number of courtesans and other staff working and living at the Fantastique. Below are some of the more notable ones. (The Bordel Fantastique can always use PC courtesans, security, and other house staff. Contact PirateSpice if interested.)


Madam: Corina Silver is the founder and Madam of Bordel Fantastique, and is also an active (and ridiculously expensive) courtesan. She flirts with everyone that comes through the door, and treats her staff like family.


Courtesan: Next to Corina herself, Bethy is the star courtesan of Bordel Fantastique. She can read people like a book, always seeming to know what they want. She is sweet and sensual, but has a fiery side if she or her fellow courtesans are ever mishandled. (Bethy is a community NPC, usable by anyone.) — Portrayed by Mosh


Courtesan: Ananda was born and raised in England, but she plays up her Indian heritage, dressing in Indian styles and even affecting an accent for her role. She is somewhat new to the trade, and known more for her beautiful dancing than for bedroom activities. (Ananda is a community NPC, usable by anyone.) — Portrayed by Pavitra Punia


Courtesan: One of the few male courtesans, Gerard is the most popular among them. The Frenchman was a friend of Corina's from Paris who came by invitation to work at the Fantastique. He is soft-spoken, poetic in his speech, and always intensely focused on the person he is with, making them feel like the most important person in the world. (Gerard is a community NPC, usable by anyone.) — Portrayed by Clément Becq


Housekeeping: This tiny house-elf is largely responsible for the Fantastique's constant shine and polish. She keeps everything well-maintained and clean, taking great pride in her work, though she is far too humble to brag about it. Though a quiet presence, she can still be spotted around the brothel, tidying up and looking after the courtesans to make sure they are well fed and hydrated. She is also responsible for assigning rooms to new residents and making sure they have all of their basic necessities. Flitsy barely speaks above a high-pitched whisper, and always has a smile to offer. (Flitsy is a community NPC, usable by anyone.)


Croupier: On nights when the bordello hosts card games, Gretchen is often sitting in the dealer's chair.


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