MacDiarmada Apothecary

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Location Details
Address: J33 Diagon Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: J,3 - 3
Owner: MacDiarmada & O'Shea Family
Type: Business - Apothecary
Wealth: Poor - Opulent



Built in the late 1700s, MacDiarmarda Apothecary has been in business from the building's inception. Windows line the walls facing the street, a fireplace creates a cheery, homey atmosphere within. Shelves line the walls from floor to high ceiling, dusty wooden boxes of who knows what are held there. There is a large library ladder on wheels that helps the proprietress gather ingredients that may be out of her grasp normally. A counter stretches across the back of the store, a door behind it. There are two work areas, one next to the other. One is purely a 'cutting up' and preparing area, the table showing marks from use over the centuries. The other is the actual creating of a potion area- cauldrons, distillery and various sources of heat.

The store's interior is packed full of goods, with barrels of Purple Toad Warts, Flobberworm Mucus, Leech Juice and other large quantities of potion ingredients on the floor. Shelves that line the wall are filled with jars and old wooden boxes that contain Knotgrass, Aconite, Newt Eyes.. and many, many other herbs, roots and powders gathered across the decades, gathered across the continent. Bunches of feathers, fangs and claws hang from the ceiling, and in some cases the unwary customer may knock into them. The combination of smells coming from all these different ingredients PLUS the age of the shop itself, creates an overall.. odour of musty herbs, and 'time' that permeates every corner of the room.


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Sorcha Aine O'Shea
Manager and Shop Girl


This loft has all the flavor you'd expect from a third floor in a stone building that is reached from a door next to a shop on Diagon Alley. Exposed stone walls, slanting rafters to hold the steep pitched roofs, cozy room size, and stone fireplace. Perhaps the amount of light is surprising, but a few charmed windows have been added to the side rooms, giving more light than just the bank of windows across the front could provide.

The door opens right up to the vista of the living room and the kitchen door straight ahead, while a short hallway to the left leads to a wash room, small guest bedroom and the master bedroom. A charmed window in the guest bedroom (which appears to be never used) looks over an oceanside view. The master bedroom is set back further in the building where the roof gets lower, and might have been small for the skylights that brighten the space and make it seem larger.

In the main living area, a breakfast nook is next to the kitchen. The kitchen is small, but is easily navigable, and is not cluttered with much more than the basic necessities for cooking. To another side of the kitchen is more formal dining room that opens from the kitchen, and is really only used a pass through to the tiny balcony that is set over the alley.

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