Borgin and Burkes
Location Details
Address: J42 Knockturn Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: J,4 - 2 (S)
Owner: Caractacus Burke
Type: Business - Dark Oddities
Wealth: Poor ($) - Opulent ($$$$$)


This large, dimly lit wizard shop is full of items that most self respecting wizards or witches would never desire to own. A few long shelves along one wall contain a collection of skulls Remarkable amongst these are the skull of a troll, the skull of a wolf (with a sign stating its a werewolf skull), one of a giant and various human skulls as well. Another series of shelves are filled with human bones and spiky, rusty instruments hang from the ceiling. In one corner a black cabinet stands with its doors firmly tied shut, a sign hanging from the rope which reads, "Crushing Cabinet, Handle with Extreme Care" while in another corner a glass display case holds a withered human hand resting on a dusty purple cushion. Under the glass counter next to the register a sparkling opal necklace has another caution sign, "Cursed Necklace: Has claimed the life of 14 Muggles to date" and next to it sits a glass eyes, gleaming with hidden malice. Next to the eye is a small tiered display case holding little crystal bottles filled with a variety of different poisons. Even during the day sunlight seems to have trouble penetrating into this shop, forcing the need to use lamps to augment the illumination.


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Caractacus Burke II
Co-Owner & Manager

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Dylar Borgin
Co-Owner & Clerk

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Information & History

Originally the store was opened by Caratacus Burke the First in 1863. He passed the shop down to his Grandson and namesake, Caratacus Burke II. II had a best friend in Hogwarts, Dylar Borgin. After Caratacus I passed away, II made Dylar a partner in the business in 1931.


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