The Prestige Betting House
Location Details
Address: J44 Knockturn Alley, Mysticked Distric, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: J,4 - 4 (W)
Owner: Nigellus Black
Type: Business - Betting House
Wealth: Poor ($) - Opulent ($$$$$)


The main entrance leads into a narrow vestibule with a fireplace and a small window where robes are checked and money is exchanged for playing chips. Polished wood in a cherry finish makes up the surfaces of the whole establishment, giving it a cabin feel. Past double doors with etched badger sigils, warm candle lighting fills a pub area to the right. A bar of eight stools lines the wall with another row of low tables and simple wooden chairs behind it. Above the bar is a large chalkboard listing upcoming quidditch games, betting information, and current scores in glowing colors. Across from the bar is a roped off section with three card game tables of ruby felt, covered in bright white light from overhead lamps. The staff bustles about serving drinks, dealing cards, and tidying up. A guard keeps a vigilant watch.

Gaming Details

Card Games

Card games are dealt only by the establishment, and games without a staff dealer are not permitted. Those at the gaming tables get table service from the waitstaff (as an encouragement to gamble). The house currently deals three-card brag, a poker predecessor, five card stud, and blackjack.

Cards: ruby back with badger insignia, 52-card French style (A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K) in two red suits (wands, brooms) and two black suits (cauldrons, dragons), face cards are similar medieval likeness to muggle cards, but of famous witches and wizards (without names). Cards depictions do move, but do not make sound

Chips: Lacquered round wood chips, badger insignia carved into wood, edged in white (knuts), royal blue (sickles), gold (galleons), and black (5 galleons, used in high stake games only)

Three Card Brag:
Five-Card Stud

Note: Texas Hold ‘Em does not exist in wide circulation outside of Texas and did not even reach Las Vegas until 1967.

Quidditch Betting

Bets may be taken on National Quidditch matches, other regional leagues, and the British and Irish Quidditch League. The house will not take wagers on Hogwarts games, but you may be able to convince Luther.

  • Straight bets: Each team will have a “line” or “spread” (positive or negative number), with teams more likely to win getting a negative number. A team’s line will be subtracted/added to the final score, and if the number is positive, the bet is a winner.
  • Parlays: Up to ten matches are bet as above, if any lose, the house wins, if all bets are correct, payout is much higher
  • Other bets: at discretion of proprietor

Aristocrats Club

Through a hidden passage there lies a private members only club for the wizarding elite. Which of course means, Pure-Bloods only, as the business is owned by none other than Nigellus Black. So while the Betting House is opened to all for good business sake. The Aristocrats Club area is much more exclusive and the decor drips with class and elitism. Soft buttery leather furniture combined with dark teak and ebony wood. Bookshelves are lined in first editions of rare texts. Nearly all of the reading material is focused on purism ideals. The beverages and food is five star top of the shelf sort of fare. The twenty galleons a year membership fee sees that each member is treated like royalty by the staff.


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Arcturus "Nigellus" Black II

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Club Attendant


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