Prince-Azam Residence

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Location Details
Address: K11 East Horizont Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: K,1 - 1 (SW)
Owner: Amir Prince
Type: Residence
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


A scent of exotic spices fills this multi-level home. Oriental carpets sprawl across gleaming wood floors. Oil lamps float overhead, casting their warm glow across the expensive furnishings.

In the living room, a grand fireplace dominates the far wall. A couch of plush velvet and two matching armchairs face the hearth. Windows stand from floor to ceiling across the adjoining wall, filtering light through sheer white curtains. A thicker set of curtains also hang, ready to block out the view of East Horizont Alley. The living room opens onto a formal dining room with a dark, gleaming table with chairs for twelve places. The small kitchen at the back of the home contains everything one might need to conjure something to eat or drink. It opens onto a high-walled back garden with a greenhouse tucked into a corner.

Stairs spring from the foyer to the first and second floors above. The master suite and its adjoining bathroom occupies the entirety of the first level. A study with a grand mahogany desk opens onto a darkened bedroom where heavy curtains hang closed around a four poster bed. Upstairs, two bedrooms share a small bathroom. The first has been furnished for a young girl while the other sits furnished but disused, awaiting guests.


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Amir Prince

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Samira Prince

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