Residence for Sale - The Cube
Location Details
Address: K13 East Horizont Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: K,1 - 3 (SE)
Owner: For Sale
Type: Residence
Wealth: Well-To-Do


From the outside, this house would seem rather odd in the muggle world. It is perfectly square, a single story cube to be precise and is painted black. The four windows visible from the outside are also perfect squares and the door has been painted orange and is in the shape of a triangle.

Every nook, cranny, knick-knack and inch of the interior of this unique home is spotless Not a hint of mess or dust anywhere. To the right the room immediately opens up living space. Hardwood bamboo floors line this room, with a large tatami rub placed perfectly in the center. On top of that, centered is a large wooden table, with short legs, a clay Japanese teapot sits on a tray in the center with four match cups, sits in the center. Four square red pillows perfectly space on each side of the table. A large rice paper wall, sits to the right of the table, the depiction of a cherry blossom painted onto it.

To the left of the entrance a room in similar size to the living space can be seen, though it is empty except a large tatami rug placed in the center. Though the real attraction of this home, is the yard. If one continues through the entry way and opens the door to the back yard, they are greeted by a very complex and well maintained Japanese Garden. Bonsai trees line the area as well as a large Zen Garden and a small pond, with Koi fish swimming inside of it.


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