Owl Post Office

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Location Details
Address: K26 Diagon Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, United Kingdom
Coordinates: K,2 - 6 (E)
Owner: Ministry of Magic
Type: Public Service - Postal


Otherwise known as the Owl Office, the London post office has been split into three sections due to the size of the city making it a central hub for Owl Post traffic. One section is completely devoted to the small scops owls, varying from white faced to brown collared. These little guys can practically fit in the palm of your hand, and are used for "Local Deliveries Only", as proclaimed by the sign above the door. There are two more offices, for national deliveries, and then international or bulk deliveries. The color coded tags underneath each owl lists the amount of time it would take them to deliver and to where. Attempting to count, or in any way have an idea how many of the great birds occupy this office would boggle the mind, as anything from barn owls, ranging up to the Great Gray Owls that stand as tall as a mans upper arm always seem to be on the move. There's a constant flurry of air whirring around as the deliverers swoop in and out almost eerily on their noiseless wings.


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