Whatchamacallit Junk Shop

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Location Details
Address: K28 Diagon Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, United Kingdom
Coordinates: K,2 - 8 (N)
Owner: Owner
Type: Business - Second Hand/Junk
Wealth: Poor ($) - Opulent ($$$$$)


It would be a wonder if even the owners of this establishment know all the is contained within these four walls. There are no aisles to be found anywhere, merely trails that meander among the mountains piled impossibly high, reaching to the ceiling and leaning back over the heads of customers. Looming overhead, the wares could possibly to slide down in an avalanche of wires and gizmos and gadgets if disturbed by even a loud noise. Almost any item, object, or mystical artifact one is looking for can be found by those brave enough to go spelunking among the paths, but will it work? That is a question that can only be answered by the treasure hunters that venture within.


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