Crouch Home
Location Details
Address: K33 Abnorm Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, United Kingdom
Coordinates: K,3 - 3 (SE)
Owner: Ben Crouch
Type: Residence
Wealth: Poor ($)


Just within the squeaky old entrance is a small mudroom, the floor is tiled in an off white that is easily cleaned. A wooden framed coat and hat rack is nailed to the wall, ready to accept and store any outer wear that is unneeded in the warm interior of the house. Which is, all considered, not exactly the typical residence usually found on Abnorm Alley. The layout is one large space, consisting of a small kitchen, dining area and living room. The kitchen has a small counter set with a deep porcelain sink and other appliances common of the age. Herbs are bound neatly and strung up from the ceiling where they hang to dry. The dining area is a simple hand hewn wooden table surrounded by similarly constructed chairs. The living room consists of a large fireplace in which crackles a merry fire, across from which rests an older, but very comfortable looking royal blue couch, a folded hand sewn quilt draped across the back. Closer to the fire is an antique wooden rocking chair. Several bookshelves are found around the room, stacked thick with books covering a great range of subjects from healing, charm work, history, and potions. In one corner is a common muggle record player setting atop a small shelf that holds many sleeved records. At the back of the house is a small wooden staircase that leads to the upper floor, the railing worn smooth by years of hands sliding across it.

One storey up, there is a small landing, with two doorways that lead to individual rooms. On the right is the washroom that holds a porcelain sink, toilet, and claw footed bathtub that has been converted to also have a shower. A small shelf contains neatly folded towels of various colors, and the sink and shower carry bars of manly scented soaps. The small bedroom is dominated mainly by a large bed that is carefully made and has four large plush pillows laying atop it. On the wall a saxophone hangs from a hook set into the wall. On the other wall is a large wooden wardrobe.


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Ben Crouch
Owner & Resident

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