Agrippa Residence
Location Details
Address: K34 Abnorm Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: K,3 - 4 (W)
Owner: Elysia Agrippa
Type: Residence
Wealth: Poor ($)


This crooked and shabby townhouse is deceptively large, hidden behind the external facade of tumbledown disrepair that's in keeping with decrepit Abnorm Alley.

Sitting Room
Dining Room
Elysia's Bedroom
Marcus' Bedroom

A large foyer greets those who enter by the front door, though somehow the space manages to be oppressive and forbidding rather than airy; a theme that continues throughout the property, despite some visible efforts to the contrary. Perhaps it's something to do with the dusty candlesticks or draping cobwebs here and there. Maybe the stern and sorrowful portraits occupying most of the dark-panelled walls. A staircase leads upward to the second floor, but first things first.

Through the closest doorway, a quaint sitting room is dominated by faded floral wallpaper and a large fireplace, the carved mantel crammed with oddities and the hearth often playing host to a busy cauldron. An old but comfortable looking couch of a drab gold-green hue occupies the opposite wall, looking inviting.. but frankly the room is overly crowded with furnishings in an attempt to offer a 'cozy' surrounding. Several high backed chairs are crammed in beside occasional tables and numerous candles and lamps throw warm light about the place, casting odd shadows. An adjoining dining room is visible through a curtain-draped doorway, with panelled walls of dark forest green and tall chairs encircling a well-polished table of near-black wood. No doubt a kitchen lies through the door to the rear of the room.

Upstairs, the grim lack of cheer continues. This floor plays host to a book-lined study and two bedrooms; the first with walls of pastel blue and a small tiled fireplace, a four poster bed with golden jacquard drapes and a little dressing table by the window. The second, while larger, is far more spartan. It, too, has a large four-poster, this one draped in crimson and black. But that's about it, for decor. The walls are bare, peeling in places, and the windows are covered to prevent any light penetrating the glum atmosphere. As for the study, its walls are lined with books on every imaginable topic, all overlaid with dust and grime. The only furnishing that sees regular use, judging by its cleanliness, is the writing bureau, scattered with parchments and with ink spattered across the wood.

Magical Protection

  • Foe-Repelling Charm: Any who have ill-will toward the residents must roll Presence + Mind to come within one hundred feet of the home.
  • Intruder Charm: (Grandfather Clock) Detects intruders to an area and sounds an alarm. Intruders are defined as anyone not within the area of effect when the spell is cast.
  • Anti-Apparition Charm: Prevents people from Apparating into the building.
  • Three very loyal Crups!


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Elysia Agrippa
Owner & Resident

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Marcus Agrippa

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