Knockturn Alley
Location Details
Address: Unplottable, Mysticked District, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: J,4
Owner: Mysticked District Properties
Type: Grid
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)
Grid I J K
1 North Vertick Alley West Horizont Alley East Horizont Alley
2 South Vertick Alley Merlin Square Northeast Diagon Alley
3 League Alley Central Diagon Alley Abnorm Alley
4 Southwest Diagon Alley Knockturn Alley Cryptick Alley

'J' Column

J,4 - Knockturn Alley

While no store openly advertises an interest in the dark arts, it's common knowledge that if you want information or items of the Dark Arts, this is the area to come. Knockturn Alley is, itself, dark. The shops lean over the walkway like in Diagon Alley, but space is so limited they actually come close to meeting and limited light reaches the ground. To combat this somewhat, magical street lamps are lit all hours of the day and into the night, but even they don't do much to combat the spooky atmosphere.

WARNING: Knockturn Alley is a dangerous place, occupied by nefarious people and even Dark creatures. Local residents are usually safe, but outsiders are at must greater risk to be mugged, attacked, or even killed. Law enforcers that come without backup are likely never to be seen again. Please RP appropriately.

Properties in this neighborhood:

Knockturn Alley is a Wealth: Comfortable Neighborhood.

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