Dominic's Cottage

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Standing in the middle of the Hogsmeade neighborhood that is a rather cozy wizarding area is a large cottage. All guests would first be welcomed by a large open foyer. The floors are a deep, rich mahogony that looks to be freshly polished, while the walls were a freshly painted creame color. A few couches sat to offer any guests an area to relax, with a medium coffee table between. The room was finished off nicely with a few decorative carpets and a couple of large, filled bookshelfs.

Off to the right side of the foyer was an archway that led into a small kitchen. Though there was still plenty of room to house enough cookware and plateware to host a small gathering, with appliances in nice enough order to handle the demand that such a party would demand. Connected to the kitchen was a dining room, which housed a table large enough for six.

To the left of the foyer was a set of stairs, which led up to the second floor and the few bedrooms and bathrooms. The three bedrooms were roughly all the same size, with the master bedroom having ever so slightly more room as well as an ajoining bathroom. The other spare bathroom was set just off from the stairs, providng quick access to any guests that might be in need.


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