Sassy's Love Shack on Lovage Lane
Location Details
Address: Hogsmeade Village, Scotland, United Kingdom
Coordinates: L,2 - 6 (E)
Owner: Sacharissa Tugwood
Type: Residential
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


Gauche is perhaps the best word to describe this place; what Sacharissa has in understated clothing and cosmetic sense she severely lacks in interior decorating. This place has frayed fringes everywhere — rugs, couches, cushions — along with plenty of rhinestones and anything else that glimmered and glistened and didn't cost too much. All the fabrics are gold satin, and matching coats of gilt paint cover anything and everything wooden or metal inside the house. All in all, whoever decorated either thinks that all that glitters is gold, or believes that it's the next best thing.


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Sacharissa Tugwood

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