#7 Lovage Lane - Grant Cottage

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Location Details
Address: #7 Lovage Lane, Hogsmeade, Scotland, United Kingdom
Coordinates: L,2 - 7 (NW)
Owner: Effie & Lachlann Grant
Type: Residence
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


Grant Cottage is a homey stone-and-timber cottage of middling size with a thatched roof and window flower-boxes in most of the windows. The oak front door opens onto a combined mudroom and foyer, which contains a bench and cloak-hooks and boot-racks. The stairs up are steep but sturdy, polished warm pine to match all the floors in the house, and the rails and banister are carved with forest vines. An arch opens to the living room, which contains a small couch and several comfortable chairs, and one rocking-chair by the window. There is a large round braided rag rug in front of the fireplace, and two smaller ones in front of the squashiest chair and the rocking-chair, and large bookshelf takes up over half of the other wall. The fireplace matches the stone of the outside of the cottage: hues of grey river-stone interspersed with green and brown veins.

The dining-room has a large oak table in it with two matching chairs — one at each end — and two long oak benches — one on each side. The kitchen is warmly inviting, with an ample hearth, a generous counter, a sink and Freezrigator, and a cozy two-seat table. There is a pantry and a cellar below, though the cellar is mostly taken up work that Lachlann takes home. At the back of the house is a guest bathroom and a room that seems to be mostly used for the comforts of three collies. A back door leads to a small yard which is taken up by a patch of lawn, a wee bit of garden, and a trio of trees: two pines and one birch.

The stairs lead upwards to the second floor, where there are two small but cozy bedrooms sharing a cozy bathroom, and the larger master bedroom which has its own bathroom. Near the back of the house is a narrow stair, ladder-steep, which leads to the attic. The door to the attic is locked, the attic being Effie's workroom.


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Effie Grant

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Lachlann Grant

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