Beery's Cottage

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A cozy stone cottage tucked away on a cozy lane in Hogsmeade Village. The inside of the cabin floored thick wooden planks that have been sanded smooth and covered in a polished gloss finish, meticulously scrubbed clean, as is the rest of the house. A small foyer and mudroom rests just inside the front entrance, where visitors and residents alike might remove their shoes and coats before venturing further into the home. A cozy kitchen, well stocked with pots and pans and a well stocked pantry adjoins a dining room with a large wooden table. The living room is large and outfitted with several large, plush chairs and couches arranged about a cozy stone fireplace. Books on shelves are lined around the walls, and the master bedroom and a washroom round out the bottom floor. A wooden staircase goes to the upper level where a few other bedrooms can be found along with the second washroom.


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