Dervish and Banges

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Its difficult to say which of the senses is assailed the most when one opens the door to Dervish and Banges - vision or hearing. Lights glint off the shiny metal and glass surfaces, frequently blinding the customer. Whirring, bleeps, sproinging springs fill the air with their cacophony, fighting to be heard in their own right. The array of every gidget and gadget imaginable, plus ones never even dreamed of compete for the shopper's attention.
Shelves reach to the ceiling, leaning over the heads of the customers piled with remembralls, lunascopes, sneakoscopes, omnioculars, and any other implement you can imagine to spy or detect spies. Magical pen knives, cameras and even such expensive things as invisibility boosters can be found here. A dish near the register is filled with anti burglar buzzers to protect your diary or other prized possessions from being lifted. Bins and barrels with loose parts and kits for the do-it-yourselfers crowd every available space, keeping shoppers on their toes lest they find themselves chasing self hopping springs down the aisle.


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