Vacant Building

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Madame Puddifoots is more or less known as snog heaven by couples wishing to have a place to hold hands and smooch more than eat and drink. In fact, the promise of snogging is the only thing that could induce any self-respecting man to enter a place that looks as if someone's wand threw up lace and chintz in various shades of pink over the entire place. The seats are puffs of lace and chintz, the table clothes are confections of lace and chintz, the curtains… *Everything* is lace and chintz. Gossipy portraits on the walls reside comfortably in ornate, golden frames, to match the curtain rods and tassels that tie back the curtains. The tea is served in little porcelain pots with tea cups painted with sprays of roses and baby's breath and gilded rims to the cups and saucers. And Madame Puddifoots crowning touch? Animated golden cherubs that flit back and forth, sprinkling the trysting couples with golden confetti.


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