Scrivenshaft Quills

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On first look, a shopper might have the impression that the entire store is moving. Closer inspection reveals that it is simply an illusion brought about by the draft of the opening and closing door setting the vast array of quills to fluttering. A large section to the back has been set aside with sturdy, long wearing Goose Quills of varying shades of gray and white for the students who spend late hours writing endless lengths of parchment for their sadistic teachers at Hogwarts. Stacked high above are the rolls of said parchment.
Nearer the front proudly stand the quills for the more discerning. Elegant whiplike pheasant tail feathers, ostentatious ostrich feathers, sharp midnight raven feathers to match any personality. Below the quills rows of ink of every imaginary color, as well as the more exotic disappearing inks, disappearing and reappearing ink, stand in orderly ranks on their shelves. The leather spines of empty journals provide a rainbow of color and shining embellishments, depending on how ornate the thoughts to be stored inside will be.
One final section of the shop has been given over to the pursuit of art and drawing. Blank canvasses of all sizes hang from the ceiling over an assortment of expensive sable brushes, or cheaper, coarser brushes that you may not wish to know where the hair came from. Boxes of pencil, charcoal and pastels, cases holding every hue of oil and water color for the budding or experienced artist.
Next to the till is a small sign reminding, 'Dont forget to pick up your complimentary quill sharpening kit with a purchase of a galleon or more.


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