Gladrags Wizarding Wear

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Mens and womens mannequins revolve slowly in the front windows, graceful gestures modeling the latest in formal robes; the kind that will set you back a few galleons. Besides carrying spare Hogwarts uniforms, for those times when you dont want to tell Mum the shredding jinx you set on That Slytherin backfired and decimated your best robes, Gladrags Wizardwear carries the latest in casual wear and formal wear. Various signs throughout the store proclaim, "as seen in the current issue of Witch Weekly," or "worn by Celestine Warbeck at the latest Puddlemere match".
In the back of the store, behind a half wall, near the fitting rooms, is a section of gently used robes, for those having to watch their sickles and knuts. Although comprised mostly of Hogwarts uniforms, there is a smattering of last seasons casual wear, and formal robes from days gone long by.


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