Hengist Picnic Park
Location Details
Address: No. 3 Sow Street
Coordinates: L,4 - 3 (SE)
Owner: Hogsmeade Village
Type: Parks & Recreation


A small little park to the southeast makes a nice little picnic spot. A statue of the Village's founder, Hengist of Woodcroft is by the road. One granite hand is resting upon a sign that says, 'Welcome to Hogsmeade'. Below the welcome is a population tracker of the Hogsmeade Residents. The sign is enchanted so the number is always accurate. The cozy village population shooting up high when it is a Hogsmeade Weekend and the students also occupy the town.

Beyond the statue the park is rather simple and small. Light woods surround it giving privacy without damaging much of the picturesque views. The grass is dense and vibrant green, offering a cushion to picnic blankets, and to whatever and whomever might be atop the blankets. Two picnic tables made out of granite are also available. There is one chaise bench as well that is more often than not on certain weekends occupied by a chaperone from Hogwarts to make sure any picnicking students uphold to school rules of decorum.


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