Hogsmeade Public Stables
Location Details
Address: No. 3 Railroad Road.
Coordinates: L,5 - 3 (SE)
Owner: Hogwarts
Type: Public Service
Wealth: Poor


The smell of hay comes to the senses before one arrives to this place as does the smell of oats and horses and such creatures. The myriad of sensory things goes further with the sounds of creatures as they whinny, stomp, and move about in their areas. Two rows go down the sides with wrought iron bars that keep the them within. Each stall is broken into an area to hold hay, a feeding trough, and a door that splits into two pieces. The upper part of the doors can be opened on their own to allow the taller creatures to stick their heads out and see about. Many of the stalls appear empty, though sounds of the hay shifting about and the munch and crunch of the oats and lapping of water can be heard from within these empty stalls. At the end of the stables is a room with a door that leads to all manner of brushes, leads, saddles, and feed.

Occupants and Employees

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12 Thestrals

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2 Porlocks

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Variety of Horses

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