League Alley
Location Details
Address: Unplottable, Mysticked District, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: I,3
Owner: Mysticked District
Type: Grid
Wealth: Comfortable ($$$)
Grid I J K
1 North Vertick Alley West Horizont Alley East Horizont Alley
2 South Vertick Alley Merlin Square Northeast Diagon Alley
3 League Alley Central Diagon Alley Abnorm Alley
4 Southwest Diagon Alley Knockturn Alley Cryptick Alley


League Alley is filled with imposing buildings in somber colors, chief among them the pillared, brooding Magistrate's Office. The ancient stone arch above its double bronze bas-relief doors is engraved with the motto: MAGISTRATUS VENIFICUM LONDINII. The offices of many private law firms surround the Magistrate's Office, their occupants identified by rows of small bronze plaques, are interspersed with shops selling robes, parchment, quills, ink, and books.

The Community Hall, a large, almost empty building with a barrel-vaulted ceiling, sits at the end of the alley and hosts a variety of events, from balls to tournaments to political rallies. Nearby is the headquarters of Aegis Security, the hanging sign marked with its shield logo.

Properties in this neighborhood:

League Alley is a Wealth: Comfortable Neighborhood.

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