London Magistrate's Office
Location Details
Address: Number 7, League Alley
Coordinates: I, 3
Owner: Mysticked District Properties
Type: Government
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


The London Magistrate's Office is a draughty building of great antiquity, with brooding stone walls that have been cheered with whitewash that is unable to hide the soot stains from when torches were the primary method of nighttime illumination. Right off the main public entrance are the double doors to the courtroom, structured after that of its cousin the Wizengamot, only far smaller. A tall central bench of wood so ancient it is almost black, is backed by a high leather chair. On the wall behind is the shield and crossed wands of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Tiered benches run in a horseshoe out from the bench, the closest ones providing seating for staff and M.L.E. personnel, while those further away are for spectators. The large cleared area before the bench is usually empty, but a cage can be raised from the holding cells below for more dangerous criminals who will be referred to the Wizengamot. Wooden doors behind the bench, cleverly hidden to match the paneling, lead to the chambers of the Magistrate and his Deputy, though these offices can also be reached more conventionally from the main part of the building.

The remainder of the building is given over to offices, both for the Magistrate and for the wizards who patrol the Mysticked District. A large central "bullpen" behind a polished counter handles most of the work, its walls lined with scroll racks that reach to the ceiling, filled to bursting with hundreds of years of case decisions, records, and investigation reports. In the back, a barred iron door, black with age and magically protected, leads down to the holding cells.


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Peregrine Urquart

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Grady Callaghan
Deputy Magistrate

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