Spindle Residence

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A cozy home that has obviously been well-lived in. From the very entrance one notices the building is larger on the inside than it appears on the outside, and likely cleaner, too. The colors are a bit on the dark side, some might say almost dreary, but there is still a very homey and cozy feel to it. The entryway walls are filled with pictures of old wizards, and proudly display some of the family's proudest awards ranging from commendations from the ministry of magic to house awards. The majority of the wards are of Ravenclaw colors, while a few Slytherin are on the wall as well.
The entryway opens up into a much wider room, a sitting room with old chairs and loveseats in the Victorian style. The majority of colors appear to be deep purples and reds mixed with occasional silver. Along one wall, there are numerous portraits of old family members in the family line, most of them appearing to be asleep, or at least disinterested in talking most of the time. Like the entryway, there are occasional awards and trophies about the walls, and atop the mantle. Against the center of the west wall, there is a large stone fireplace that keeps the house toasty in the winter. A dark blue rug with the Ravenclaw crest lays across the majority of the floor in this room, with the Ravenclaw crest out in the open section where no furniture rests atop it. To offset this, there is also a smaller green rug with the Slytherin crest that occupies the rest of the floor along the east end of the room is a staircase leading to the second floor, and a door to a sotrage space under it.
A pathway through the room leads to the kitchen area, and another to a set of doors that open up to various storage closets, bathrooms, and at the end of the hall the master bedroom. The kitchen is stocked with a gas stove, an icebox, sink and ample counter space. Often times there are scrubbing brushes doing the dishes from the latest meal cooked. The dining room area is attached to the kitchen, and is largely dominated by a large dark cherry wood dining table, able to seat eight, and matching chairs. The master bedroom is rather simple. A king sized canopy bed in the center of the room, two nightstands, two dressers, and a walk-in closet. Naturally, there are portraits of various family members in the room, and a few decorative knicknacks.
The stairwell leads up to the second floor, which consists entirely of bedrooms, bathrooms, and hall closets. There are six bedrooms in total, each one showing signs of whoever dwells within. A few of them are decorated with Quidditch banners and house colors, all save two of them being Ravenclaw, the remaining two being Slytherin. EAch room has a twin sized canopy bed, the canopies in the house colors of the respective owners of the room. Aside from that, the only thing that makes the rooms different are their general personal effects and decorations.


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