Owl Post

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Otherwise known as the Owl Office, this Hogsmeade post office is a regular instructional aviary on the owl species. However, the color coded tags underneath each one don't list genus and species, but rather the amount of time it would take them to deliver and to where. There's a crowd of small scops owls, varying from white faced to brown collared on the lowest perches. These little guys can practically fit in the palm of your hand, and are labeled "Local Deliveries Only." Ranging up from there, about three hundred in total, the owls become larger, until you reach the top where the Great Gray Owls that stand as tall as a mans upper arm. They have a disconcerting way of staring you down while waiting for the packages and long distance letter to be handed over to them. There's a constant flurry of air whirring around as the deliverers swoop in and out almost eerily on their noiseless wings.


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